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Company Profile:

Fred Barrett Yacht Design & Naval Architecture was born in 2008 after many years of working under the guise of ‘Mungral Yachts’ based primarily in Hobart, Tasmania. The company consists of a number of partners committed to the pursuit of a wide range of solutions covering sailing yacht design, commercial design, construction, management & engineering solutions.


  • Graduating in 1994 with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Naval Architecture from the Australian Maritime College, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.
  • Naval Architect with Incat Australia in the design and production of the world’s best Wave Piercing Catamaran Ferries between 1995 and 1998.
  • Naval Architect with Sparkman & Stephens Inc, New York during 1999.
  • Project Manager for McConaghy Boats on construction of the R/P designed MaxZ 86 footer Morning Glory and the world’s best Open 50, the Owen/Clarke designed Artforms, now racing as Pegasus.
  • Technical Build Manager & Shore Manager for the Spanish Lead 2005/2006 Volvo Ocean Racing Team – Telefonica /Movistar.
  • Design Coordinator for the Lutra 80’ Singularity, built at McConaghy Boats, NSW, Australia.


  • Custom Designs:
    • Racing Yachts
    • Power
    • Blue Sky Projects
  • Naval Architecture:
    • Lines & Lofting
    • Trim & Stability Booklets
    • General Insurance Assessments
    • Floating Structures
    • Structural Engineering
    • Performance Analysis
    • Appendage Design
    • Mast & Rigging Design
    • 3-D Modelling
    • Drafting
    • Build Management
    • Design Coordination
Image of Fred Barrett

Fred Barrett B.Eng (Naval Architecture), M.I.E Aust

Born in 1969 in Port Hedland in Western Australia Fred was raised predominantly in Tasmania.

With a sailing family (Grandfather David and his brother Hebert were 12’ skiff champions in Sydney) in his blood Fred sailed regularly with his grandfather, uncle and father in his childhood years

Fred began his fascination of yacht design early in his life. A love for drawing and building kept him busy out of the way at home

Fred along with his dog ‘Banjo’ and later his mates in tow would often be found with the latest design creation(s) sailing in the large dams that once occupied parts of local paddocks adjacent to his family home in Margate, south of Hobart or out on North West Bay.

Fred designed and built radio controlled yachts in his youth many along the lines of the 80’s Admiral’s cuppers, and offered these creations to his mates for “cost” just to get the fleet up and running for the summer, some great racing on the local dams, sailing small models in Tasmania’s typical windy conditions.

From these early days Fred soon begun offshore racing at 16 and started competing in Sydney to Hobart yacht races at 17 and has continued this “dream” ever since with many more miles under his belt and with some great heavy weather sailing experiences typically found in southern Tasmania waters.

It was from this love of yachts and his parents encouragement for an engineering background that has lead him from dams to oceans and from radio controlled yachts to bigger and better things.